Webinars & Teleconferences

 July Webinar

Partnering with Your Malpractice Insurance Program to Improve Safety in Surgery: TeamSTEPPS as Part of a Multifaceted Program

AHRQ is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 8 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET. In this webinar, David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, CPE, FACS, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice-President at Hospitals Insurance Company, will discuss patient safety in surgery from the risk management perspective. He will discuss a multi-hospital safe surgery collaborative that includes TeamSTEPPS as part of a multi-faceted program. The presentation will seek to:

  1. Describe how a malpractice insurance company can facilitate a safe surgery collaborative to help mitigate risk and improve surgical outcomes
  2. Discuss how to achieve high-level engagement with clinical departments in a multi-hospital collaborative
  3. Discuss the components of a multi-faceted safe surgery program and where TeamSTEPPS fits in
  4. Describe the metrics that can be used to show results from a safe surgery program

There is no cost to participate. Click here to register.

August Webinar

Implementation of TeamSTEPPS in a High Acuity Environment: A Multifaceted Approach in MetroHealth's Emergency Department

AHRQ is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 12 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET on the use of the agency's teamwork training program, TeamSTEPPS. Thomas P. Noeller, MD FAAEM FACEP who holds roles as an associate professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, director of the MetroHealth Simulation Center and attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center and Robert L. Smith, PhD the director of Medical Staff Assistance Program at MetroHealth Medical Center will present on the following objectives:

  1. Identify teamwork intervention targets in a high acuity environment
  2. Apply TeamSTEPPS principles to address identified needs
  3. Describe a multifaceted program that includes practical and sustainable applications of TeamSTEPPS principles

There is no cost to participate. Click here to register.

September Webinar

Webinar title and speaker(s) will be fothcoming. 

AHRQ is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 9 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET. There is no cost to participate. Click here to register.