At the core of the National Implementation are eight Regional Training Centers at (from East to West):

These centers offer training to create a national network of master trainers, who will in turn offer TeamSTEPPS training to frontline providers in hospitals and other health care settings throughout the country. The TeamSTEPPS Master Training Course is geared toward individuals who have a high-level knowledge of TeamSTEPPS and are looking to implement TeamSTEPPS at their facility.

The TeamSTEPPS Master Training is free, however attendees are responsible for expenses associated with their travel (i.e., airfare, hotel and meals).

Requirements to register for a course:

  1. A full team of three individuals is required; partial teams will not be able to register.
  2. Registration requires the following information for each of your three team members: Name, Organization Name, Address, Phone, Email, Credentials, and Position Within Organization.
  3. Registration is limited to one team from each member hospital or organization for each course.
  4. No previous participation or attendance in a Master Training Course.

 RTC by State

2014-2015 TeamSTEPPS Master Training Course Registration

Registration will open on a rolling basis. The chart below details when and where 2015 trainings will be held and when registration will open for each. Registration for courses that take place between January and March will open at 12pm CT November 3 and those held in April and May will open at 12 pm CT on January 12.  Planning is still underway for summer courses

 Date of Training Location  Registration Release Date 
 December 9-10  MetroHealth  Registration is now open
 January 21-22  Tulane  November 3
 February 2-3  UCLA  November 3
 February 9-10  Northwestern  November 3
 February 24-25  University of Washington  November 3
 February 26-27  Duke  November 3
 March 5-6  MetroHealth  November 3
 March 9-10  NSLIJ  November 3
 March 18-19  University of Minnesota  November 3
 March 26-27  University of Washington  November 3
 April 8-9  University of Minnesota  January 12
 April 16-17  NSLIJ  January 12
 April 23-24  Duke  January 12
 April 27-28  UCLA  January 12
 May 12-13  Tulane  January 12
 May 14-15  MetroHealth  January 12
 May 21-22  Duke  January 12